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Recent Work:: Jimmy Cohrssen Sound Design for Tag Heuer.

Basis recently collaborated with JCSD to help define the overall look of Tag Heuer's in-house sound. Other recent music projects include an upcoming release for Smithsonian Folkways.

For other work, Please visit the Our Work section of the site.



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10,000 miles above the planet.

We can only assure you that while we are a forward-thinking team of designers and technicians, our feet are on the ground. More importantly, we understand how people want to be communicated with as well as how your organization needs to differentiate itself from others. Of the many things we have learned (and continue to learn every day) is that it takes two sides to have a conversation.

Otherwise you are just talking to no one.

We would love to discuss your communication and business needs with you. Feel free to drop us a line at

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