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Basis has built over 150 web sites since we have opened - from the US Senate to small family-owned businesses and many in between. In today's information-driven culture anyone who is thinking about engaging your organization will have visited your web site, "Googled" you and organization and looked at your Twitter feed as well as other social networks. Your web presence as well as your social network footprint must work for your business and explaining the benefits of what your organization offers. Your website should do all of that and more. Your web presence can help develop leads, improve brand awareness, and increase your expertise. Your web site and social networks can make a measurable difference in your business.

Social Media and Blogs
From Twitter to Facebook and blogs, we have found ways to help our clients connect with potential clients, current clients, fans, interested parties and the just curious. The rapid growth of social media in the last few years has made everyone far more aware of what and how to share with large audiences than ever before.

Basis has had substantial success in getting our clients into the social internet and helping them navigate that terrain successfully. For more information on our social media services please contact us for a conversation.


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