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Basis is made up of people who have worked in associations, national corporations, advocacy organizations, educational institutions, distributorships, and professional service firms—all prior to entering the branding profession. Unlike those who have only marketing or design backgrounds, Basis offers this distinct added value. In other words, Basis examines the branding process not only as experts with years of industry experience, but also through the eyes of professionals who have worked with branding from the customer perspective.

We know that people are often judged by the company they keep, with that in mind a list of some previous and current clients is available on this page.

What Basis Does
Our work ranges from consultation with individuals and groups, conducting brand workshops, addressing groups about how branding can help them, and creating brands for entire organizations. We create looks fortargeted campaigns that aim to increase sales, awareness, activism, and other goals. We also specialize in supplementing existing branding efforts through specific communication projectsboth online and in print.



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