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  Brand Consulting  

Basis works primarily on two sides of the same coin: Brand Development and Brand Strategy.

From brand assessments and brand positioning we help organizations create brands that define and help guide an organization's future. In our collaborative process, we put business strategy in front of design to create a clear guide for where your brand will be in the future. We believe that differentiation is no longer enough. We know that strategy comes before tactics, and that having a plan with a clear path will help determine your success.

Are you looking to:

  • Strategically re-position your brand
  • Re-establishing relevance with critical stakeholders
  • Extending and enhancing your brands into new opportunities
  • Translating your brand experiences into compelling customer narratives
  • Equipping employees to deliver and understand your brands promise
  • Develop a new suite of tools for a busy workforce

We can help. All of our consulting work is confidential and exclusive.
We do not discuss clients nor do we show documents or work product developed during this process.

We would be delighted to begin a discussion to see how we can help your organization.
Please contact us via our contact page for further information.

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